Malnourished Obesity

By | אפריל 23rd, 2015|Blog, Jewish Medicine|

Most people think that obesity and malnutrition are direct opposites. In reality, doctors say they are seeing patients who are both overweight and malnourished and are treating obesity as a disease. Our growing reliance on fast food and the readily available high-fat, sugar-laden snacks, means many are lacking the vitamins and minerals essential for health, [...]

Two of the Best Foods

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Rambam medical writings abound with cautions against many foods he felt were detrimental to health. Two foods, however, are found in several passages throughout his writings to be what the Rambam felt very healthy and beneficial, figs and almonds. Today through modern science we now know why these foods are so valuable to a healthy [...]

Gardening for Good Health

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Spring and summer is a wonderful time of year for those who have a garden, yard or even patio with flower pots. Anyone with just a little strip of dirt can enjoy the benefits of planting herbs, vegetables and flowers for all those delicious summer salads If we look at the act of gardening [...]

Springtime Liver Cleanse

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The Liver is our largest metabolic organ, and has to process everything we put into the body, including drugs, medications, food additives, pollution in the water and air The liver also aids in digestion,assimilation, elimination, detoxification, and filters out unwelcome invaders that can create illness. When the body is over-loaded the liver is one of [...]

כימותרפיה: הסכנות שבטיפול והפתרון הטבעי למניעתם

By | אפריל 19th, 2015|בריאות טבעית וסרטן, נושאים כלליים|

הכימותרפיה ידועה כטיפול הרפואי השכיח ביותר לחולי סרטן מזה כ 60 שנה. יחד עם זאת, אין זה סוד שהטיפול הכימותרפי הרעיל מיועד לטפל בהשמדת הגידולים אך לא בגורמים להתהוותם. כימותרפיה היא קבוצה של תרופות שנועדו להשמיד את תאי הסרטן. התרופות ניתנות בבליעה (בצורת גלולות) או בהזרקה לוריד. ניתן גם להזריק אותן אל תוך הנוזל השִׁדְרתי, כדי לטפל בתאי [...]