Glamping in the Galilee Mountains

Located at the Institute of Jewish Medicine, on the summit of Mt. Cana’an (1000 meters), Sukah BaGalil offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Galilee nature while residing in the comfort of rustic bungalows. Built from strong, naturally grown cane, each bungalow has electricity and is furnished (bathrooms and hot showers are shared) giving guests the chance to enjoy nature in comfort. Surrounded by the Institute’s organic herb and botanical gardens, those who visit experience secluded privacy and restful quiet.
  • סוכה בגליל ממוקמת סמוך לאיזורים נרחבים של יערות ובמרחק הליכה מיער ביריה – נטע האדם הגדול בישראל. מסלולי הליכה מדהימים הצופים מגבוה על ישובי הצפון והר חרמון.
  • העיר צפת היא אחת מארבע הערים הקדושות ידועה בסגולותיה כעיר נופש ומרפא והרבי מליובביץ אמר על צפת שהיא עיר מקלט מהעניינים הלא רצויים.
  • האירוח בחושות סביב חצר גלילית שהקימה המנוחה שרה לוי ז”ל על פסגת הר כנען בסוף שנות העשרים. החצר משומרת בפשטות ומוקפת בעצי חורש. יש בה עצי זית ופרי וגידולי הדס צפתי וצמחי מרפא נוספים.
  • במקום מרפאה לבריאות טבעית בשיטת הרמב”ם ובית מדרש ותפילה פעילים על שם הרמב”ם זצ”ל
    ולזכרה של המנוחה, מרת שרה לוי ז”ל, מייסדת קיריית שרה על פסגת הר כנען בצפת

Enjoy nature in comfort

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Our happy guests

The location is superb. Their garden is fantastic and staying on a mountain top gives you the pleasure of a great view. Both Eliyafa and Moshe are very kind and warm-hearted people. The hut was perfectly clean and cosy. If you’re afraid of mosquitoes etc. this might not be the place for you although we didn’t have any problems with that. We were too tired to enjoy the evening properly but if you like good talks, campfire and watching the stars and night this is where you should stay
אלכסנדר מגרמניה
Great place, amazing experience. The hosts were very nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place
לורן ואולגה מלונדון
All in all a fantastic experience. Eliyafa has built several of these sukkah/huts in her large and beautiful backyard, so the experience does feel somewhat like glamping (so if you can’t take some outdoor exposure, Mosquitos, etc, this may not be the best fit). If glamping sounds great, though, this place is fantastic. I woke up at 5am to go to the bathroom and walking the short distance between the sukkah and bathroom through the ceder- scented yard and looking up at the stars was a magical experience. The sukkah and bathrooms were simple but clean and comfortable, and the area is very quiet. The surrounding yard is large and beautiful, and there is plenty of parking around.

Location: on top of a big hill basically overlooking tzfadt (which is a must-see destination in Israel imo). The views are beautiful and the neighborhood feels safe. It’s a bit of a walk to the old city (I drove), but there seem to be some potential nice hiking nearby, and I’m sure the walk would be beautiful.

Hosts: Eliyafa and Moshe and their wonderful family are really what make this place great. They invited me and their other guests (a honeymooning couple) to have dinner with them under their sukkah for the first night of sukkot with their family. I ended up staying there talking with them and their family until after 11. It was without a doubt one of my highlights of my trip to Israel, and was lovely to have such a welcoming family to celebrate sukkot with (and Eliyafa is a fantastic cook!). In my opinion, it is experiences like this that are what make airbnb great.

נח מאילינוי ארצות הברית
! The place is simple and relaxed. We liked it
נורית וערן מאלוני אבא ישראל
Even if it is a very basic accommodation, it is very comfortable. The room and the toilet was very clean. Eliyafa’s family was very friendly when we arrived and they made us a plate of delicious spaghetti (the best pasta I found in Israel). We only had some difficulties with finding the place since no address is mentioned. A beautiful experience
פביו מאיטליה
My wife and I had a wonderful time spending shabbos at Eliyafa and her family’s sukkah. We stayed a total of three nights and ate our Shabbat meals with their family in the main house. They are a very welcoming and warm family, and we enjoyed the food and conversation in equal measure. They were also extremely helpful in providing us whatever we needed, including mosquito netting when the mosquitos made an unexpected appearance late in the summer season. A beautiful rustic experience that we will remember for a long time!
יעקוב מוירגיניה ארצות הברית
Amazing experience! Such a beautiful and relaxing area, would definitely recommend it!!
גבריאל ממרילנד ארצות הברית
It was a real pleasure to stay at “Sukah BaGalil” in Safed. The rooms and shower are clean and there is everything you need. The old city is easy to get to by bus from there. Eliyafa was always very helpful and friendly, as well as her whole family. We spent great time talking to them.
אלינה מטומסק רוסיה
Very nice space, clean and quiet, thanks a lot! We slept like babies there
ג'וליה מהלסינקי פינלנד
I originally came across this place because I was looking for an authentic place to stay in Sefad. I try to stay away from touristy experiences as a traveler. I really enjoyed my stay at Sukah BaGalil. Eliyafa and her family are very hospitable and I enjoyed the rustic atmosphere and the company of the entire family. It was nice to be able to take a quick bus ride to the center of Safed, but to have a quaint place to stay on a hill top, away from the hectic town center. I would be happy to stay here again if I am going to be visiting the area again. It is a great place to stay for anyone who is looking for a place that allows you to be hosted by a local family and get acquainted with the special atmosphere of Sefad.
ליזה מלוס אנגלס ארצות הברית
Une maison avec un grand jardin très sympa (même si l’hiver et la neige a fait pas mal de dégâts), des huttes avec lits simples,commode,lumière et une prise (website hidden) tenue par une famille très sympathique dont l’homme parle français. Un endroit en hauteur, très dépaysant, un vrai coup de cœur !
פייר הנרי מהעיר ליל צרפת
The atmosphere was great: quiet, relaxed and surrounded by nature. Safed is 30-40 min walk downhill. Due to the situation (July 2014), there were not many other fellow travellers. Although we did not spend much time with the owner, she was very friendly.
מריקה מאמסטרדם
Eliyafa and her family were extremely welcoming very kind people. They made sure we had everything we needed and reassured us to feel at home while on their property. The land was beautiful, up on a mountain with gorgeous views of Tzefat and the neighboring areas. I would most certainly return to stay with them.

March 2015

יוסף מקונקורד, קליפורניה
What I loved most about staying here was the family. I woke up one morning and played basketball and had fun with the children. It reminded me of being back home. I felt as comfortable as I possibly could staying in a hut. Plenty of blankets and had no problem with bugs or anything of that nature. Excellent accommodations!
a wonderful resting place and for the fact it was a hut I couldn’t have been happier. For what it is, everything was perfect.
ג'וזף מניו יורק